Want To Start Getting Clients That Pay You 


By selling Pinterest growth services with PinBot?

Congratulations on getting PinBot…

You made a step in the right direction with your purchase of PinBot.

It’s a powerful software that’s changed my life and hundreds of others.

Let me ask you though…

How would you like to take things to the next level by using PinBot to get clients that pay you $500-$1,000+ a month? 

Imagine receiving  high ticket payments…

*Consistenly, on a monthly basis!

What we have put together will allow you to do just that. 

We give you EVERYTHING you need to start receiving consistent high ticket payments.

As it’s recurring, this income is predictable…

And you only need to acquire a few dozen clients (which we show you how to do) to make doctor like money.


– Done For You Agency –

A Solid Business Model

Create Reccuring Income

An Income Stream That Brings In Profit Consistently!

All You Need Is A Dozen Clients To Make “Doctor Money”

How PinBot DFY Agency gets you high ticket clients


Find Hot Clients with ReccuringBot

RecurringBot is a client finding software that uses the power of automated emails for free clients in any niche and location. This means, you have NO ad costs and get to keep all the profit.

Close The Clients

We give you a website and emails that allows you to sell PinBot as a service to anyone who wants more followers or their Pinterest automated.

Both the website and emails are high quality and professional .


Get Reccuring High Ticket Payments

Do a victory dance and pat yourself on the back for the new clients you’ve gotten yourself.

The potential is endless. There are millions that need this service, so saturation is impossible.


What you’re getting with PinBot DFY Agency…


Custom Made Website

We’ll pay a copywriter, designer, and developer to put together a sleek looking website to aid you in selling Pinterest marketing services by using PinBot.


$1,999 Value



Done For You Email Sequence

We paid a top-flight copywriter to write a 7 day email sequence that helps you close recurring high ticket clients. This by itself is easily worth 10X of what you’re paying for this entire package.

$999 Value



ReccuringBot Software

With this package, you get access to ReccruingBot. A powerful software that does the heavy lifting by finding you high ticket clients in any location and niche. 

$999 Value


How Much Is It Asi?

Well, let me ask you…

How much would it cost you to do this all yourself?

We paid a copywriter, designer, and developer to the work for you.

If you were to hire someone else to do it for you, expect to spend a few thousand dollars.

And that’s just the minimum. 

You can often times end up spending far more than that. 

See the value now?

Ready To Start Receiving

Recurring High Ticket Payments?

Are you excited to start selling a Pinterest growth & automation service with the help of PinBot for recurring high ticket commission

Rememeber, you get to keep all of the profit.

Because RecurringBot is included at no extra cost and finds the clients for you.

Also not to mention the high converting emails that close clients with ease.

So are you ready to make things happen?

Well, it’s time to act, as we are closing our doors to this opportunity when 50 people take action.

Get PinBot Done For You Agency Now…

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Done For You Agency Website – $1,999

7 Day Email Sequence – $999

RecurringBot Access – $999

Access To Premium Support – $997



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