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Hey, thanks for getting PinBot…

You made the right decision by picking up PinBot…

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Do want to take PinBot to the next level?

Right now, you’re limited to 5 Pinterest accounts

And although can still generate a decent amount of traffic with 5 accounts, there is a lot of traffic and money that’s left on the table.

More Accounts = More Traffic

Leverage The 300 MILLION High Spending Pinterest Users

The more Pinterest accounts that you can use with PinBot the more traffic you can grab from Pinterest’s 300 MILLION users.

Remember, these are not any ordinary users.

Pinterest users spend far more than the average FB and Instagram user.

And when you can use as many Pinterest accounts as you want with PinBot, the possibilities are INSANE.


– Unlimited Version –

Create Unlimited Income Streams With PinBot

Remove ALL Limits & Boundaries

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But There IS A Catch…

Letting everyone use PinBot with no limits would be unsustainable. 

The server costs would go through the roof.

But it’s a risk we are willing to take.

Because it will create us more happy customers that will keep our reputation whiter than white.

Here’s the catch…

Only 50 people can get PinBot Unlimited.

When these 50 copies are sold, they are truly sold. Our doors will be closed forever.

No exceptions, period. 

So are you ready to remove all the limits of PinBot?

Picture how much traffic you could send to affiliate offers with PinBot Unlimited…

Are you seeing the insane potential? This is your chance to have an edge over your competitors.

Here’s What You’re Getting With PinBot Unlimited…


All Limits Removed From PinBot

PinBot with zero limits. Get traffic from as many Pinterest accounts as you want (5 in the basic version)

$1,999 Value



Powerful Extra Features

Automatic pinning, automatic invite, automatic like

$999 Value


Ready To Go Unlimited?

You now see how powerful this is…

If you want to use PinBot with no limits, the time to act is NOW.

The last thing I want to do is make you jump through hoops…

You have the facts right here.

Upgrade now, and get the edge over others by being able to use PinBot with NO limits.

And just a warning..

I can’t guarantee that this will still be available if you come back.

Please don’t blame me if you come back, and miss out.

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All Limits Removed From PinBot – $1,999

All Limits Removed From PinBot – $998

Access Premium Support – $997



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