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PinBot allows you to leverage the power of automation on Pinterest.


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Easy to use interface


Works on Windows & Mac


Destroy your competition with PinBot’s automation

Wasting time on Pinterest? 

Pinterest is great. 

It’s main demographic spends more than FB, Instagram, or Twitter.

And there’s 300 MILLION users.

Making it a goldmine for marketers…

However, when you used Pinterest, you were hit with a dose of reality.

It’s VERY time consuming!

If you have a job or anything else taking up your time it’s hard to make Pinterest work.

But there IS a solution…

Hi, my name is Asi Epstein…

I’m the guy on the right of the photo. A proud father from Givatayim Israel with three kids.

I have no lamborghinis, and don’t live in a mansion.

But, I’ve been lucky enough to experience some online success.

I’ve been able to quit my job as I have built a stream of steady online income that comes in every day.

Things weren’t always bright though…

Before I got a taste of internet marketing success, I struggled.

And I mean a LOT.

Not to mention the money I have wasted on useless products.

Oh man, it’s embarrassing.

When I first started out on Pinterest, it was hard to make things work as I didn’t have much time on my hands.

I was about to quit at that point until something happened.

I had a simple yet genius idea…

Why Not Use Technology To Automate The Work Away?

I mean, I wasn’t able to succeed with Pinterest as it’s very time consuming.

So as a software developer I thought…

Why don’t I make a software that uses the power of automation to do the hard work for me?

I knew I was on to something. 

So I got to work, and developed an amazing app that still bears me fruit to this day. 



Your Pinterest Following

With The Power Of Automation!

PinBot automates your marketing on Pinterest like no other tool.

See PinBot In Action:

PinBot Features

Advanced autopilot system

Keyword generator to enter new niches

Scrape & pin unique images 

Pin images from RSS feeds to boards

Repin niche related images

Send automated messages

Mass unfollow non-followers

But don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what users are saying about PinBot…

Have been using this since v1 beta and have to say it is awesome! The support is great, had a few issues that were fixed really fast,Have a big project coming up and a journey with Pinterest and SEO as I want to make this website a “business” on it’s own.


Pinbot Premium has exceeded all my expectations and I am glad to see a product that actually delivers more than what has been advertisied. After using every single feature, it is nice to see that everything works flawlessly.
If you are looking to build a mad traffic generator with a pinterest empire, this is the perfect solution for you. I like the fact that the OP also had a private blog which teaches you how to make pinterest accounts professionaly and how to choose the ideal Amazon Products to market.
Above all, the owner is a very nice and cool guy that is willing to help you, which from my prespective makes this a 10/10.


Before getting to the bot itself, I`d like to say that I was really impressed with the support that OP is willing to give you. This is really important to me and this is what actually made me buy PinBot.

The interface of the bot is simple and clean, and even though you have not used any pinterest bot before, the guides and pinteresttools is there to help you. After playing around with it for a while, I can now say that this is a must have for every user who is looking to drive more traffic regardless of his method (amazon, cpa, clickbank, etc.)

The amount you pay for the bot (even the normal price) is nothing compared to the amount of money you can make with it. Thank you pinteresttools for making this available for everyone, and not keeping it just for yourself. Really, there is absolutely no reason for everyone who purchased the bot to not make at least 10x more money.


Been using PinBot for a while now and I can say this is undoubtedly the best tool out in the market to dominate Pinterest. I have dominating several niches in Pinterest as a result. Anyone can bank hard if they put it to the right use. Plus pinteresttools provides one of the best tech support I have ever come across. Highly recommended!


Just wanted to say that I’ve used @pinteresttools’s products in the past and as fab as they are, what I’ve been even more impressed by is the level of support.


First off, I haven’t had any communication issues period, which is one of the most important factors when buying a product; definitely amazed and impressed as well.

The bot itself is for lack of a better word, perfect. Simple, easy and to the point, impossible to get lost unlike most applications nowadays. For myself the best feature is the invite and that it allows you to run all features simultaneously without crashing or causing any problems which allows me to pin, like, invite, follow and more reaching only one outcome, more and more followers every minute.

I started with 178 followers, I have gained almost 5k in a week, best money I have ever spent and gained with interest already! Thank you pinteresttools for you releasing this beauty, one that every internet marketer needs to try.


What I like most about the software is that pinteresttools put a lot of thought into simulating random natural behavior of it or providing functionality for you to do it yourself which is vital and often doesn’t get enough attention for scoial bots I think. This is one of the reasons I disagree with people wanting to rotate their accounts in one instance as long as natrual behavior of using account parallel or not isn’t possible the same way as it is now.

All in all a great bot which is being improved every day and I highly recommend it. Thanks pinteresttools and keep up the good work!


For this kind of price with updates, fantastic tutorials, guidelines and case studies the price is a steal.
It’s light, and it’s really easy to learn. Plus, you can feel that the OP has truly taken the time to actually use pintestest and make money from it. You can feel this from the updates, making our lives easier.
It’s a huge plus for me to know that the seller is also a consumer of his own product.


The support offered by pinteresttools is top notch.
His website also offers great tutorials to help you make money with Pinterest. It’s really a great combo that gives great value.
I have more than 20k highly targeted followers into my main business account and more than 100k spread all my buffer pinterest accounts. I basically dominate my niche thanks to this tool and the tutorials offered by pinteresttools. 
I highly suggest this software if you want to start a long-term business with Pinterest.


The bot works really great. I love the constant updates and every time we get something good. Really love that. Also, your tutorials that goes with the Pinbot are great. Thanks for everything. Pinbot really does wonders.


Awesome tool. I am surprised how so little and not so pretty looking bot can help so much!
I search google for “how to unfollow this that not followed you back on pinterest” and “how to invite on pinterest board” – guess what – no easy way. The easier way I found to unfollow these that do not follow me back I found is unfollow everybody and than follow only these that follow you, which looks like “flag my account”. About the invitation – I still can’t understand how to do this, but the bot can do this, so I am now OK with this :). Yes, I am new on pinterest.


Secure your discounted copy of PinBot now:

Frequently asked questions

Still on the fence? This FAQ might answer your question.


Is PinBotAi Safe?

You may have heard that MassPlanner is being shutdown. To prevent such a thing from happening to PinBot, InstaQ and all our upcoming products we will be privatizing. This means we will no longer have public websites/pages. Word of mouth will be the only way to get in touch with any of our products. To reduce such attention/risk our prices will drastically increase. All public sales will close very soon, if you wish to make a purchase the time is now.

If one of our products ever gets shutdown we will anonymously publish all code online for everyone to use. It will then be up to the goodwill of anonymous coders to support it.


PinBotAi vs different tools?

PinBotAI is very different from the competition because it’s designed to deal with anomaly detection systems. Such systems are used by many social media platforms (including Pinterest) to detect bots. In the past some of our customers/users were unfortunate and had some accounts banned, such a thing was mostly due to abusive behavior of PinBot’s settings. Anomaly detection works by comparing “normal/average” with, usually, new/fresh accounts. This allows social media platforms to quickly detect and ban accounts which appear to be run by bots.
To deal with this, we allow PinBotAI to emulate real user behavior and

greatly reducing the chances of being flagged and/or banned. A features which competitors are lacking include the ability to scrape images from external sources (such as Tumblr). We also have a Keyword Generator tool, allowing you to diversify and tap into micro-niches. An invite feature which allows you to automatically invite other users to become contributors for your boards, this is a very important feature because you can now let other users build your boards and grow exponantially.
Finally, we have a forum dedicated to Pinterest tips, tricks, guides and tutorials.


Is support included?

Yes and it’s completely free.
We do our very best to solve all tech related issues in less than 12 hours. If you have a problem, either with your computer and/or PinBot submit a thread on our forum and/or send us an email. We will investigate your situation and reply to your accordingly. Sometimes exotic problems/bugs arise and need to be inspected up close, we will kindly request you to download+install TeamViewer (or Chrome Remote Desktop) which allows us to temporarily, securely and under your supervision connect to your computer’s screen – now we can investigate the problem ourselves and provide a solution.


Is this legal?

Social media sites, including Pinterest, are doing their very best to stop bots and unauthorized automation tools. However, using PinBotAI is completely fine as long as you do not spam or use it for any malicious purposes. Please use PinBotAI solely for automating your marketing activities without causing any harm/spam.


How many machines can I run PinBotAi on?

In trial mode, you can run PinBotAI on as many machines as you like.
However, each PinBotAI Premium license can only be used by one machine. This means you cannot run it on two different machines at the same time, using the same license ID – you are required to purchase an additional license to do so. You are allowed, at any time, to transfer your license from one machine to the next using our online form (no limits).


How many machines can I run PinBotAi on?

In trial mode, you can run PinBotAI on as many machines as you like.
However, each PinBotAI Premium license can only be used by one machine. This means you cannot run it on two different machines at the same time, using the same license ID – you are required to purchase an additional license to do so. You are allowed, at any time, to transfer your license from one machine to the next using our online form (no limits).


What is the purpose of PinBotAI?

PinBotAI has been developed primarily for automating marketing activities. Its purpose is to automate the many repetitive tasks when building a Pinterest authority account. It can help you gain more brand awareness, followers, likes, repins but most importantly more website traffic and sales.


What makes PinBotAi different?

Our team has over 4 years of experience in Pinterest marketing and automation. Since PinBotAI is the 4th version of its kind, we’ve molded it into the ultimate Pinterest marketing tool. Many of the shortcomings found in previous versions have been corrected and improvements were applied.


Do I need PinBotAi

 It depends, as with any other product.
If you are looking to use PinBotAI to get rich quick, then I have to disappoint you that it will not. If you are looking to get a lot of traffic and/or followers overnight, then no.
But if you are wanting to build a long-term business or scale up your existing business then this will definitely help you a lot.
Please do remember that a tool, any tool, is just a dumb piece of equipment, not a magic formula for success. If you wish to be successful, get a lot of followers and visitors, then you need a solid strategy. You can find a ton of strategies on our forum (or any other website), the magic only happens when you start applying them diligently. And once you have a good strategy to follow, then you should use a tool/bot to automate some aspects of the process which will save you a ton of time and money.


What’s included in the price?

The price includes a life-time license for PinBotAI.
It includes all updates and upgrades.
You will enjoy first-class support and assistence.


Is there a trial available?

Please do try PinBotAI (and any other tool) before making a purchase. The our trial version has no time limit, but it is limited in its usage. You can only use the Repin and Follow features – which is enough already to experience its effectiveness, gain followers and visitors. This is the official download link, there you will also find the installation instructions and PinBotAI tutorials.


How does PinBotAi work?

Behind the scenes, it uses the HTTP protocol to emulate the same actions as if you were doing them manually through your web browser.


What operating systems does PinBotAi work on?

PinBotAI has been developed using the Java programming language, thus it can run on any operating system as long as the latest Java SE version is installed. Your operating system must also have a graphical user interface, it will not work from the command line.


What are the hardware requirements?

It is advisable to have at least 512mb of (RAM) memory.
A single core CPU is sufficient.
At least 5GB of avaialble hard drive space.
The above, minimum requirements, are sufficient to run 1-3 accounts on PinBotAI. If you would like to run more accounts, the requirements will be higher. It’s not advisable to run more than 50 accounts on a single PinBotAI instance – to solve this you can install multiple instances of PinBotAI on a single computer.

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